A flexible performer.

Volvo FE

For distribution, light construction, utilities and refrigerated transport. Tackles challenges with real efficiency. Designed for distribution. Easy to load and unload. Provides a comfortable and spacious environment in which to work. Equipped with legendary power and performance, combined with simple manoeuvrability and true safety. Presenting the Volvo FE.

Running a vehicle is very often the same as running a business. Buying a Volvo FE brings us on board as a partner. We can provide access to a wide range of flexible services: like maintenance and repair service plans and contracts. Or Fuel Advice, helping you to reduce fuel consumption. Perhaps even Driver Development, insurance and financing. Everything is geared towards getting more value from your truck.


Regional distribution
City distribution
Light construction
Waste and recycling transport

Volvo FE facts

Gross combination weight

44–80 tonnes


D8K: 250, 280, 320, 350 hp

Day cab, Comfort cab, Sleeper cab, Low Entry cab

Genuine Volvo Parts – here’s why

Premium vehicles using high-quality parts also need servicing and repairs. So, when the time comes, we maximize your uptime and efficiency by using Genuine Volvo Parts. They’re designed and tested to ensure optimal performance and a perfect fit in your Volvo truck. Together with every Genuine Volvo Part, Genuine Volvo Exchange Part and Genuine Volvo Accessory comes complete peace of mind. This is why we can say with confidence that Genuine Volvo Parts increase the life of your vehicle, reduce risks and give you the most value for money.


Every truck requires service and repairs during its life-cycle to maintain peak performance and reliability. Planned downtime for service and repairs minimizes standstills, helps extend service intervals, and saves time and money. Thanks to Volvo Trucks advanced telematics and diagnostics tools, we can remotely monitor the health of the trucks, and plan and prepare the visit to the workshop for more optimized and efficient service. This means that you can enjoy greater uptime, better fuel efficiency, and smarter services.