The first mass production model of the “Flying Dynamics” design style. A completely new family image in light sculpture & perfectly integrated grille and illusory light effect creates a sleek style.

  • Bold grille
  • Headlights with high illumination lens
  • Completely new dazzling five-spoke wheel
  • C-shaped combination tail light


All the joy stems from a great sense of premium driving experience allow you to savor the fresh and natural interior environment.

  • Houndstooth fabric and leather seats
  • Spacious rear seats
  • Large trunk
  • 22 personalized and flexible storage spaces
  • Low VOC environment friendly materials

Cutting-edge European technology ensures the delivery of an unprecedented experience of handling to satisfy all you driving desires. Delivers the triple joy of driving: Powerful. Stable. Intelligent.

  • Imported AISIN smooth-shift automatic transmission
  • Multi-link rear independent suspension
  • High efficiency DCVVT engine
  • Advanced sound system with 6 speakers

All-round protection forms the safest defense for you and your family, savor the great ease and joy of driving.

  • Five star C-NCAP safety rating.
  • BOSCH ESP 9.1
  • Comprehensive 8-loop, 6 airbags protection
  • Five star ultra strength safety body