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About Honda

We couldn’t wait for the future - so we're building it now.

Honda believes in the Power of Dreams.

But believing isn’t enough.

In November 1947, the Honda A-type auxiliary engine went into production. It was a huge success, and on September 24th, 1948, riding the wave of this success, the Honda Motor Company was formed. We began with 34 associates. Today, we have over 200,000 associates worldwide. We have been operating in this region for over 50 years, bringing joy to all our customers here.


At Honda, we believe in The Power of Dreams. We recognize the inspiration and motivation that dreams can ignite, and we encourage all our associates to not only dream, but to pursue those dreams and make them a reality.

The Power of Dreams drives us to challenge, innovate and evolve, bringing new insights, technologies and joy to all the Honda products we create.

The pursuit of dreams is embedded in the very foundations of our company. Soichiro Honda never stopped chasing dreams. Such was the strength of his belief in the importance of dreams, it inspired the name of one our most successful motorbikes, the Dream.